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Top 5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Most Companies Make and How to Completely Avoid Them.

blank - Top 5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Most Companies Make and How to Completely Avoid Them.

Social Media Marketing is one of the most confused business in today’s digitized world, and it’s quite saddening that more start ups and SMEs keep making the same mistakes. The reason is because Social Media Marketing Mistakes are so tricky, you’d quickly fall for them even if you were a veteran. Here’s the right news, you don’t have to repeat these mistakes again.

In SMM (social media marketing), one of the biggest mistakes 3 out of 4 companies make is that they act like social media is another big channel that’ll give them the opportunity to force their brand down the throats of their audience. Like some great avenue for everyone that cares to be online to know about their brand, it’s evident on their branding messages and marketing activities. While it is true that social media exposes your brand to a larger audience and helps your visibility, yet the emphasis is on SOCIAL, it is still distinct from other media types in the sense that you use it to connect on a deeper social level. Social Media is primarily an engagement and relationship building tool, and other things come secondary.

The truth about these mistakes is that they can cost you more in followers, and lead generation than you thought possible.

Check out these 5 Social Media Mistakes and learn how to avoid them in your SMM campaigns.



Focusing on the “Marketing” and not the “Social.”

Like I mentioned earlier, SMM is first about social networking and if you do it well can yield bountiful returns on sales. Most companies just focus on their brand awareness online; this is one big mistake you don’t want to make. Studies show that 90% of customers engage with their favorite brands online, liking, commenting on and sharing their posts, and of course acting on their messages and patronizing their brand. What this tells you is that if you begin to use social media as a primary engagement tool to reach and connect with your target audience, you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see in a short while. Yes! It will demand a lot from you researching, creating and boosting shareable content that your audience will find relevant and of course valuable but it will pay off in the end.


Active on all Social Media Platforms

You’d agree that there are a lot of social networking platforms nowadays and since most companies are now waking up to the widening options opened them to expand the visibility of their brand via social media; there’s the tendency that they take things to the extreme. Being on all social media platforms is one of the easiest things they do. The truth is each of these platforms is distinct in effect, what works on oneto find out and subsequently choose channels that work best for your business. The fewer the channels, the clearer the focus and the better the quality of content you can have on all of them. Be aware that every additional channel your business becomes active on means extra time and effort.

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Posting the Same Content across all Platforms

Posting the same content all your social platforms is a social media marketing no-no if you want a significant increase on your ROI through SMM — this is because some content types don’t work at all on individual channels. So it’s your job to find out (or hire someone who can) what performs best on different platforms and apply accordingly.

When you tailor different crafted content for each channel, you increase your reach and engagement. For instance, visuals and hashtags help you to widen your reach on Instagram; they don’t have the same effect on Facebook.

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Failure to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy.

A solid strategy is the only way to consistently maintain a strong social media presence, regularly put on great content on it to attract, actually engage your market and get them to act on your message. Without it, your page soon becomes a barren land with followers disengaging while goals remain unachieved.


Updating Your Social Media Platforms

Updating your social platforms without participation and conversation with clients and follower is a big SMM mistake you should avoid, and it eventually ruins your social media presence. Buying fake followers just to appear better and keep a page active. To prevent this, you need to build a slow and steady network of real followers. You can also hire a Professional Social Media Manager who will take care of all your social media activities live posting new updates and uploading new photos. Also, take care of your comments and respond to readers questions.

pixel - Top 5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Most Companies Make and How to Completely Avoid Them.

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Written by Stephen E.

My name is Stephen Madu, Entrepreneur and Professional Online Marketing Coach. I have been fortunate to be very successful in working within the Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web design, and Digital Marketing industry for over the past 7 years. Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter for more content.

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