8 Beauty Cheats For The Time-Poor and Average Woman

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8 Beauty Cheats For The Time-Poor and Average Woman

Pros that help your beauty process to be fast and easy. They give you time to rest and makes you look beautiful.
Every modern woman knows how fast the world has become even 24hrs seems like 12hrs, and the last thing that should be on your list is a beauty makeover. But still, you want to look good and have the tanned body with the healthy looking nails, which is why beauty cheats are our favorites.
So we got the best of the best, Lauren Capelin the famous founder of Sydney spray tan salon beach’ st, a modern day woman and an expert in quick beauty fix to offers us her ten tips:

1. Choose at-home Mani

Having your manicure done in the office at lunch hour is good but also expensive and moreover doesn’t look realistic. A home Mani is much better, you would be relaxed in a more comfortable position, and it is less expensive. Just two things are needed, a high -quality polish and a steady hand and if you are the working mom type, here is a tip for you, dip each of your painted hands in a bowl of ice water for one minute each, and your nails are all dried up.

2. Have a dry shampoo at home and work

A dry shampoo is a form of a shampoo which reduces hair greasiness without the need for water, and this needs to be in every busy woman’s work drawer, it has no side effect because of it is made from corn starch.

3. Apply makeup with fingers

This can be very useful when applying makeup; your hands were made for a lot of reasons…this is one of them. You are in a rush to the office, and you hate a makeup-free face, use your hands. Apply an eye shadow with the index finger, foundation with all fingers and your plush with two fingers. A lot of beauty lovers and experts are in this process, but one fact about this is when applying foundation with the hand, the heat from your skin melts with the product and allows it to implement smoothly and seamlessly.

4. Have a spray tan

A lot of modern days women would agree that the signature sign of beauty, healthy and confidence is sun-kissed skin. But still, there is no time to lounge about on the beach all day building up a fresh glow. A spray can is a much more easy way and affordable.

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5. Use body conditioner to make it last

Reduce your salon visit by using a body conditioner from the shelf of the beauty st’s shop. The body conditioner helps your tan to stay longer, and if used daily, you would build a gradual glow.

6. For a winged eye use a sticky tape.

Some memes online say ‘Never ask a lady with winged eyeliner why she is late.’ Why because the winged eye is a time consumer? If you use a small amount of sticky tape applied to the eye, you’ll have no excuse for not being punctual. It acts as a leading hand to ensure your liner is straight, even, and going in the right direction.

7. Use mi-cellar water to remove makeup

Cleansing the face sometimes can feel like a big task especially when you come late, and you are tired. Lauren has the solution for just that, and you won’t fall into the trap of falling asleep with the makeup on, it is the micelle water. Apply the micellar water to a beauty pad and swipe over the face.

8. Sleep with your hair in brands

This process makes your hair natural, wavy in the morning, for persons who have an event the following day or just feel looking fabulous. Twist your hair into a style, spray with sea salt spray and sleep with your hair in braids, it will result in a beach effect.

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