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Posted by on Jan 26, 2019 in Love, Our Services, Relationships, Uncategorized | 0 comments

My Wife Caught On About My Girl

My relationship with my wife was not the best in the first place and that is how I ended up dating London escorts. But, since she found out that I was involved with an elite escort from cheap escorts, things have got even “chillier” as I like to say. We are now in separate bedrooms and my wife is threatening to divorce me. It would be a disaster for me as I am now in my 50’s and would have to work hard to make up for any money which I would lose in the divorce.

I did not think that I was flaunting my relationship with my favourite girl from cheap escorts. My wife had never been into going out to business dinners with me and stuff like that. Consequently, I thought that she would be very unlikely to find out about my affair with Amanda from a top class cheap escorts. However, one of my business colleagues happened to ask how Amanda was during a charity golf day. My wife overheard the conversation and that was it.

When we came home that afternoon, we ended up having a massive row. She wanted to know who Amanda was and I ended up telling her that I was dating London escorts. At one stage I thought I was going to be out the door that night. However, she clearly thought twice about it, and I ended up in one of the spare rooms in our home instead. It felt awful, and I even thought about calling London escorts to see if I could meet up for drinks with Amanda. After taking a second look at my wife’s face it did not happen.

Since then I have not contacted London escorts. I am desperately trying to access the situation and see how I feel about Amanda and my wife. Amanda is one of the sexiest girls that I have ever met. She has the most stunning figure and the sexiest little ass that you could ever hope to come across. But would I be willing to throw away almost 30 years of marriage because of a bit of perfect ass? That is the question. How long would a relationship with a girl who is 28 years my junior last? It may not last very long at all. What do we really have in common?

Yes, it would cost me a lot of money to get a divorce. On top of that I would leave the marriage with the shame of having dated London escorts. I am worried about what my kids would think about me. My daughter would probably take it really badly, and I think that I would lose contact with her. Is that really what I want? There are a lot of things to contemplate. My home is comfortable and I would honestly hope I could reconcile things with my wife. An open marriage would be great. But, I think my wife would rather have a nice big pile of cash in the bank rather than an open marriage.

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