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How Many Views Are Necessary Before You Can Make Money On YouTube? Here’s the Answer!

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YouTube Demands For Certain Amount Of Views Before You Can Make Money From YouTube Monetisation.

This change was meant to pull out bad video producers.

5 Years ago, YouTube made their partner program open to every one, and this was huge news. Everyone sign up for an account on google and start uploading videos and quickly make money.

This step boosted YouTube traffic, sign up’s and made them the largest video watching platform on Earth, but it had its downside. People were creating accounts randomly and making a loaded truck of cash uploading videos online (on YouTube).

Most People even went to the extent of using big labels copyrighted videos, top YouTube guns videos and uploaded them and make money online.

YouTube noticed this fault and introduced a new program to break the jinx. YouTube changed its partner program (April 2017) which means video creators won’t be able to upload videos and make money instantly until they reach the threshold of 10000 views. This action made most people search on how to get 10000 views quick :). This led to massive sign up’s by independent video creators.

According to Ariel Bardin, YouTube VP of Production Management. After reaching the threshold, YouTube will conduct a review of the account and see if the video producer plays according to the laid down rules. This will determine if the video producer can monetise his video or not. Revenue only flows to video producers who play according to the established community guidelines and Advertisers Policy.

The new threshold gave youtube a lot of time to review the account and monitor it effectively.

Anyways, this does not stop you from buying YouTube view, but a little limitation should be put in place.

Let see how this works for upcoming vloggers. Am sure we will find a way around this.

pixel - How Many Views Are Necessary Before You Can Make Money On YouTube? Here's the Answer!

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Written by Stephen E.

My name is Stephen Madu, Entrepreneur and Professional Online Marketing Coach. I have been fortunate to be very successful in working within the Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web design, and Digital Marketing industry for over the past 7 years. Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter for more content.


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  1. It is true day by day youtube or freelancing going to difficult. Few days ago Google or youtube change their rules. And so now youtube channel is difficult for new user. If worker spend long time then they can earn money from youtube. This is easy but rules are difficult.

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