GOVERNOR AMBODE: Lagos State Is Ready To Be Major Tourism, Entertainment Hob Of Africa

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Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode said Lagos State is fully ready to power up the Tourism, Art, and Entertainment In AFrice. According to Ambode, Lagos State will be the Power house of Entertainment in Africa.

Lagos State Governor, who spoke on BEN TV, United Kingdom said during the last 27 months in office, one of his major campaign promises was to ensure that Lagos State becomes the Hub of Entertainment and Tourism in Africa.

He was represented at the program by his Adviser on Art, Tourism, and Culture, Hon. Mrs. Adebimpe Akinsola who said Governor Ambode administration are strictly working on implementing the project called “THESE” meaning Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment and Sporting Excellence to boost tourism, employment generation and relaxation especially for the youth.

Govornor Ambode Speech;

“Our intention is to put Lagos on the world map as one of the top 10 tourist destinations because we know that the hospitality and entertainment business is thriving and that is the reason we are investing heavily on this sector. The truth is that the era of white collar job is over. The ultimate now is to encourage youth entrepreneurship and create a platform for our youths below 35 who are the future of tomorrow; because when they are engaged meaningfully they would contribute their quota towards increasing the IGR of the State,”

Governor Ambode also confirmed his plans to build 5 new Theater in Lagos as part of the effort to bring the Youth together and also make Lagos the central Point of Entertainment, tourism and Art.  he also intend to showcase his intention to the world by participating in Notting Hill Carnival Holding from Saturday 36th to Monday 28 August.  He also added that this year Lagos State 50th Anniversary celebration will showcase the power of Lagos State and also woo Nigerians.

“We are here again this year, the second year running in a global platform which the Notting Hill Carnival represents as it attracts people from all over the world. Our presence here is to attract not only Lagosians, but blacks generally that Lagos is now the destination that every one of them must come to.
“Lagos is having its own corner. Nigeria does not have a corner, no African country has a corner here, we are using Lagos corner to tell the world that we are prepared to be home for entertainment and tourism because it would drive the economy of Lagos, the 24/7 economy in such a way that anytime you come to Lagos, there is something to celebrate. So we invite our brothers in the Diaspora to come and exploit the beauty of Lagos,” Governor Ambode said

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