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How To Get 10,000 YouTube Views And Make Money Via YouTube Monitisation

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The absolute best way to get nearly guaranteed views on your video is to pay for them.

I’ll be covering paid and free traffic.


1. Buy Social Media Ads Like YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and More

This is a perfect way to get video viewers, traffic, and subscribers that will undoubtedly lead to conversion, sales and promote your visibility online. Ads work like a parachute; you have to spend to get.

Learn Social Media Marketing and Ad platforms. To make this task, you need to do some serious  research. You can search YouTube for tips and tutorials on how to run social media ads or buy a cheap e-book on running ads. This steps will maximize your exposure and portray you as an expert in your field.

The truth is in other to make money without wasting your time and stressing yourself; you need traffic, which also means you need to spend money on paid ads.

2. Get Some Extra Boost

Disregard the myth of buying fake views and focus on getting an extra boost to your videos. As a video producer, blogger and Vlogger, you need to get a kind of inspiration. Try getting a thousand to two thousand fake views. 



3. Announce Your Goals to Friends & Family

The next approach to being a YouTube superstar. You need to link this up to your family and friend. They will be willing to help you grow fast in your business. They owe you that responsibility.

Ask them to promote you on their social media accounts and also ask their friends to share your videos with their friends. This step alone is enough to get free traffic. It works like a network of friends working together to achieve one goal.

You can also craft an email to friends and family letting them know that you have a specific goal and that’s to reach 10,000 views in 3 weeks.

Tell them when you’ll be going live so they join and see what you can offer. It important you have something to offer because nobody follows someone who doesn’t have anything to offer. At least I don’t 🙂

Let your friends and family know it will generate you some bills. This might trigger them to assist you to reach your goals.

Let them know that it’s important that they need to:

1. Watch the video in full
2. Thumbs up the video
3. Subscribe to your channel
4. Email the video to their friends with a special request that they
5. Share the video on their social networks

4. Build a Website

Oh YES, you also need a website. The most audience might want to read the content before watching your video. You can create a post and add your video below your post, so visitors watch directly from your website. Don’t worry; each view will be added to your channel on YouTube.

DONT MISS OUT: Make sure you post valuable content on your website. If you find it difficult to create a website yourself, you can learn how to get for a $50 website design service. $50 should be enough to buy burger and steak. I’ll advise you bench the food for now and get what will benefit your future.

Try Vlogging and Blogging, and by doing so, you’re on your way to ranking well on Google search and YouTube Search.

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Written by Stephen E.

My name is Stephen Madu, Entrepreneur and Professional Online Marketing Coach. I have been fortunate to be very successful in working within the Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web design, and Digital Marketing industry for over the past 7 years. Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter for more content.

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