7 Aged and Modern Ways To Lose Weight and Stay Fit.

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7 Aged and Mordern Ways To Lose Weight and Stay Fit.

In ancient Hausa folklore (Nigeria) there is a story of a very powerful “Sarki’ (king) who ruled over an empire even greater than that of Queen Amina of Zaria or any other in the Sahel region.

The “Sarki” had the entire world at his feet. He had everything any monarch could boast of; gold, horses, camels, slaves, a fierce standing army, countless wives and concubines and children, yet he was a depressed man.

His biggest heartache on earth was “obesity.” The King had battled his burgeoning weight from childhood and had consulted the best of medicine men from Kingdoms far and near – without avail.
Finally one day, a scraggy looking upstart traditional healer came along to the palace and proclaimed confidently he could make the king loose weight in 40 days.

No one believed him, but the scruffy healer was prepared to bet with his life. Asking not to be paid the bounty of 100 horses, the camel load sack of gold ten male slaves plus a beautiful virgin bride, the king had earlier promised as a reward for any doctor who could cure him of his obesity. The Healer asked the King to stay incommunicado for 40 days, banishing all his courtiers and family from his inner chambers. With such over bearing confidence the King took on the bet.

40 days later, the commander of the army summoned the entire city to the palace to witness the outing of the king and also the execution of the fake healer, as the King was set to emerge from voluntary incarceration.

So what happened on that fateful day in the medieval period? Can the same technique be used to lose weight in the 21st century?

Well before we get to the end of that story, we might first take a close at 7 solid ways you can lose, stay trim, healthy and fit at all times.


Needless to say what we eat or drink affects our body system. Stuffing yourself with all things edible because they are available for free at a party or even at home because you are hungry only helps to pile on the calories and by extension excess fat.

Calories provide energy for our body, but most of the food with high calories also have high fat and sugar content. A good way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and to stay active.

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Regular exercise help to burn the excess calories we eat that end up accumulating as fat in our system. From jogging to spending time in the gym – these activities will speed up our metabolism and help get rid of the calories. Many experts have emphasized the benefits of weight lifting in the efforts to lose weight.


A weight loss expert Ellington Darden Ph.D. offers some simple advice in his newly published work “The Body Fat Breakthrough.”

Dr. Dreden contends that drinking plenty of water not only keeps the skin hydrated and looking healthy but it also offers other paybacks.

“…Think about it the water goes in at 42 degrees and goes out at 98.6. Your organs have to use extra calories to warm the water.”


Obesity is indeed a problem in many developed and developing countries of the world. Perhaps as a solution to the challenge, many pharmaceutical organizations and nutritionists have developed special drugs that claim to have potency in reducing weight. These include “herbal drinks, so called slimming tea, pills and other medications. While some have proven to be effective in the short term, a lot of concern has been expressed as to the long term efficacy of these drugs and whether indeed there are no side effects. So before you get swooned off your feet by that convincing advertorial and buy up the drug, please talk to your doctor.

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Back to Dr. Dreden who we referenced earlier. Darden who has been helping ladies loose for over two decades says this is one of his favorite but simple techniques for losing weight.
“stand tall, and get your head on the ceiling,” says Darden. Keeping your chin up and shoulders pulled back enhances your height, which helps create the illusion of being a learner. Standing tall comes with an added bonus too. “Good posture burns more calories, and it gives you confidence,” says Darden.


Adequate sleep may seem ridiculous and unbelievable but having enough sleep help in weight control, particularly shaving it off. Research indicates that persons who suffer sleep deprivation are more likely to become obese compared to those who get adequate sleep. Sleeping is one of the surprising but reliable ways to lose weight.


While for many people fasting is strictly a spiritual endeavor, medical research indicates that it also has a lot of health benefits when done in moderation. While these seven points are not the only way to lose weight, they are indeed helpful. Fasting is another guaranteed ways to lose weight back in 90’s and still existing.

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Back to our story of the obese Sarki (King) who was desperate to shed weight and live a healthier life.

When the king emerged from his self-imposed 40 days seclusion or incarceration, he had changed dramatically, having lost so much weight his subjects barely recognized him. But yet he was un happy.

So the commander of the army summoned the healer to come forward and share with the world what he did to make the King shed so much weight.

The healer said:

“I told the king he was going to die exactly in 40 days and there was nothing anyone could do about it…. The king became depressed and begun to think. He lost so much weight from thinking and of course it I knew he would not die, I did that because I knew the fear of death was the only thing that could make the king lose weight.”

Well, that how the story ends. True or false only God knows. But you don’t have to threaten anyone with death to make them lose weight :). Follow the steps listed on article and You are good to go.

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