5 Ways Your Diet Affects Your Mood – Why You Should Never Eat Whenever You’re Depressed

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5 Ways Your Diet Affects Your Mood

Your diet is not only responsible for your body size; but it also has the ability to influence your body, mind, and spirit. It particularly has a direct impact on your emotional or mental health. The old saying, “you are what you eat applies here.

The days when you eat anything anywhere and at any time should gradually fizzle out as you leave certain stages of your lives. Experts have advised that eating fruits and vegetables daily; doing away with highly processed food, sticking to low carb diets are some of the useful measures that can be taken to prevent obesity in adults. There are much more, but if we can just be disciplined enough to stick with this basic information, there will be fewer cases of obesity and other health related problems. Below are some of the ways your diet affects your mood.

1. Great Diets can boost your mood.

Your food richly impacts your mood. Research has shown that diets rich in carbohydrates are mood up lifter because carbohydrates increase the serotonin produced by the brain. Such diets can relieve depression and eliminate mood disorders like pre-menstrual syndrome and seasonal affective disorder. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, nuts, oil and sometimes in bread, yogurts, milk, egg, orange juice can also influence mood behavior. Chocolate also has a strong effect on mood. It can increase pleasant feeling and also reduce tension. The reverse may be the case for those who are trying to lose weight because they believe it will not aid the weight loss. Benon D. and Donohoe, R.T., in the book, the effect of nutrients on mood stated that insufficient thiamine in the body could cause fatigue, introversion, a decrease in self-confidence and poorer mood. Some of the foods containing thiamine are cereal grains, pork, yeast, potatoes, and oranges.

2. Unhealthy Eating Can Lead To Depression

Food deficient in iron can cause problems like depression and lethargy. Foods rich in iron are liver, sea food, vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and parsley, meat and nuts. Taking foods rich in folic acid can also prevent depression. Foods rich in folic acid include dark, leafy green vegetables, liver, poultry, oranges, grape fruits as well as nuts. Mediterranean diet which is a balanced, healthy eating pattern that includes plenty fruits, nuts, vegetables, cereals, legumes and fish, is also a good antidote to depression

3. A Healthy Breakfast Is Everything

A healthy Breakfast help you kick start your metabolism for the day. It supplies you with the essential nutrients that nourishes and empowers you for your days activities, Foods rich in protein for instance are great to start the day with. They fill you up faster, leaving you full and desiring less of other high calorie foods which can indirectly affect your moods. Researchers have it that eating healthy balanced breakfasts can lead to improved moods, help us remember things better and gives us feelings of calmness. This is why in this staying healthy and keeping fit industry, skipping breakfast is a no-try rule.

bevande vegetali - 5 Ways Your Diet Affects Your Mood - Why You Should Never Eat Whenever You're Depressed4. Large Sugar Intake and Food Addiction

According to research, there’s a strong relationship between consuming sugar and being addicted to food. Addictions are bad, they make you lose the power of control you have and do stuffs you know is wrong. Addictions to food are worse! They help you gain weight and put you in so much bad shape that your self-esteem is at stake. The International Journal of Eating Disorders confirms this. Sugars and fats trigger the same pleasure in the brain that addictive drug do, observed, Pageto. That is why people crave for hem and get addicted to them. Ever heard of someone addicted to proteins? Rarely!

5. The Way You Eat It Matters Too

What we take into our mouth is also as important as how we eat it and one-way food can boost our mental health is to eat mindfully. When distracted by other things while eating, say you’re watching the TV and checking your emails at the same time, you will be eating more than without even knowing it.

According to Pagote, Eating Suger Food in other to change your mood or satisfy your need is called Emotional Eating.

To eat mindfully, you learn to eat without distraction, slowly, and also learn to enjoy the experience of healthy food.” Eating mindfully is an antidote to emotional eating. You need to avoid eating whenever you’re depressed. It makes you gain weight and also causes obesity.

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