5 Critical Nutritional Benefits of Palm Oil. Pregnant Women Need This Blog Post.

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5 Critical Nutritional Benefits of Palm Oil.

The red palm oil, also known as virgin palm oil, has been in existence for ages, and until recently, its amazing benefiting nutrients had not been explored. Research reveals the incredible medicinal and healing properties hidden, particularly how it benefits the human heart. Palm Oil was referred to as “a healing oil” in ancient Egypt because of its second to none nutritional advantages.
Red palm oil is a pure extract from the fruit of the “oil palm tree” (Elaeis Guineesis). The benefits of palm oil are quite numerous ranging from its possession of phytonutrients which accounts for its dark reddish color.

These phytonutrients are responsible for the protection of major organs in the body such as the brain, blood vessels, heart and even the skin. You may be fast to assume you know about this different oil, the following secrets about it will shock you some more and properly push you to the market to get some.

1. Prevention of Cancer

Tocotrienol is a highly popular anti-cancer property which guides the body against the risk of cancer. This Red palm oil has this property abundance. This means a regular consumption of red oil in your diet will dent the tendency for cancer. The Tocotrienol in Palm obstructs and clears harmful organisms and prevents them from causing harm to vital body organs. It fights the cancer of the breast, stomach, colon, skin, liver, prostate and even pancreas. Tocotrienol does not only prevent the risk of cancer, but it also does the body much more good by terminating the existence of cancerous cells in the body.

2. Better Eye Sight

Palm oil is highly rich in vitamin A. Its consumption often enhances the absorption of this fat-soluble vitamin in the intestine. Don’t forget that deficiency of vitamin A in the human body results in “night blindness” (Night blindness is also called “Nyctalopia.” It’s a type of vision impairment that makes infected people blindness experience poor vision at night or in dimly lit environments). Red palm oil has alpha-and beta-carotenes which is important in the synthesis of vitamin A. People suffering from cataracts and macular degradation are advised to take more of red palm oil, these ailments are very dangerous and can result in the total blindness of the victim.

3. It Improves And Maintains Healthy Skin

Consumption of red palm oil can also aid good looking and install the development of smooth and shiny skin. Tocotrienols and carotenes in the oil help the skin grow healthy and prevent it from skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays.

4. It Reduces Stroke Tendencies

The national institute of health, affirms that consumption of red oil reduces the risk of shock as much as 50%, the red oil contains anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-reducing properties, prevents plaque build up in the blood vessels of the brain reducing the risk of ischemic stroke. Research has also proven it to be the most important source of Tocotrienols and antioxidant which confers significant Neuroprotection on the brain and improves the usage of palm oil in the treatment of stroke patients. It also helps to pregnant women. It ensures pregnant women and children never face any deficiency.

5. Improves Energy Levels

Also according to Organic facts, the beta-carotene (Beta-carotene is one of the prime components of palm oil) is very effective in improving energy levels and boosting hormonal balance in the body.


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