10 Most Dreadful Forests In Nigeria That Can Scare The Hell Out Of You

blank - 10 Most Dreadful Forests In Nigeria That Can Scare The Hell Out Of You

The element of the ecosystem, the advantages of getting thriving forests in an environment can’t be over-emphasized. But some forest have become safe havens for all sorts of spurious and detestable activities.

Many forests in Nigeria would be the hideout of choice for several terrorists, killers, kidnappers and more while they move on their crime sprees throughout the country.

Sambisa Forest in Borno State is known to be the most notorious as it’s known as the main base of the dreadful Boko haram and it linked to countries like Chad, Niger, and Cameroun.

Although there exist Countless forests in Nigeria, some forest in ‘Naija’ are only a no-go area; they’re as frightening as hell itself. Here are 10 of these forests in the nation.

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NO 10 Falgore Forest (Kano State)

Located in the Middle of three local government areas in Kano State is a massive part of nature that has slowly turned into a scary monster. Residents and passersby prevent hanging about it; they hurriedly pass by without having to take any form of curious look. This large natural entity is none apart from Falgore Forest in Kano state.

Riding Wada, Sumaila, and Doguwa local authorities may offer you a correct low down of what having this kind of dreaded forest within their boundaries has attracted them.

Because of the full and Impenetrable nature of the forest, it is known as a dwelling place for criminals, bandits and bad activities. The forest can be infested with all kinds of wild animals who roam loose all coming together to create this forest a scary landmark.


NO 9 Kamuku Forest (Kaduna State)

So big is the Kamuku Forest it had been dubbed the ‘Sambisa’ of Kaduna State. This forest is bordered by five countries, specifically: Kaduna, Zamfara, Katsina, Kebbi and Niger state. You will now have an idea of how big the forest is.

One of the major factors that make Kamuku a dangerous forest in Nigeria is the presence of the armed bandits, Fulani herdsmen,  and several other terrorists who have comfortably made Kamuku their new house. This past year, the situation got so bad that Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, had to involve meeting with the governors of the four other affected nations to talk about how best to protect their conditions from activities happening in the forest.

Forest earlier this season by security operative and some offenders were apprehended, and roughly 2000 cows were recovered, however, Kamuku remains a dreaded forest.

yan mangu forest - 10 Most Dreadful Forests In Nigeria That Can Scare The Hell Out Of You

NO 8. Yan Mangu Forest (Zamfara State)

In the tropical city of Zamfara, stays a gift of nature, a true boon to the ecosystem. It is known that Townsmen in Zamfara love the natural mass named the Yan Mangu forest. Cattle rearers comfortably took their cows to the forest for grazing; young children will often go into the forest to pick fruits, though some farmers could cultivate the outskirts of the forest.

All of this changed in January This season when cattle rustlers and armed forces Fulani herdsmen chose to create the Yan Mangu their new house. Farmers steered clear of this area for fear of lives, and kids were sternly warned to steer clear of the field of the forest to prevent abduction and being murdered.


At this point, the Federal Government needed to send soldiers to raid the forest and push out bandits out of their hideout, but the situation remains dire. People still discuss the Yan Mangu in hushed voices, and many still dread the forest.

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NO 7: Edumanom Forest (Bayelsa State)

Bayelsa is a forest reserve that has been protected from poaching and illegal lumbering from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

sacred grove - 10 Most Dreadful Forests In Nigeria That Can Scare The Hell Out Of You

No 6. Osun Sacred Grove forest (Osun State)

Osun Sacred Grove forest Osun Nigeria is a dense forest that stands as a symbol for the Osun people as a sacred article of creation that they don’t joke with.

This forest, which is abundant In plant is quite a frightening one. The entrance is adorned with some sculptures, carvings of gods and goddesses whom the people still snore now. It’s thought that this forest is protected by a river goddess who manages every activity happening in the forest. The diabolical activities which occur in the Osun Sacred Grove make it an eerie and frightening place to be in.

yankiri forest - 10 Most Dreadful Forests In Nigeria That Can Scare The Hell Out Of You

NO 5. Yankari Game Reserve (Bauchi State)

The Yankari Reserve is still one of the deadly places to visit unaccompanied with a guide.

It’s said that the reserve Has the biggest settlement of elephants in West Africa. The existence of dinosaurs, crocodiles, hippo, cheetahs among other wildlife leaves the forest quite fearful. The Yankari Reserve remains a fantastic tourist attraction in Nigeria. However, the forest remains feared as a result of the existence of wildlife.


NO 4. Igbele Forest, (Delta State)

This Forest makes people shiver down to the spine whenever they are near it. Most of us might not believe that there is evil forest, but Igbele Forest means “Evil Forest”. This forest beside being dense and full of vegetation is called the Igbele due to the diabolical practices that go on there.

The Itsekiri tribe is stated To get an ancient tradition, where every corpse is going to be buried designed to experience a form of evaluation via an oracle. The Oracle tests if the dead person was a witch or a cruel person during their lifetime. If the oracle declares that the individual was wicked during their lives, the corpse will not be buried but dropped in Igbele forest. This is what made the forest one of the deadliest forest in Nigeria.

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NO 3 Ajofia Okija Forest, (Anambra State)

Most might be wondering if the forest and it believe still exist, the answer is YES. The forest is called the ‘Ajofia’ Okija that in interpretation means ‘the wicked forest of Okija’.

The Okija forest plays home Into the notorious Okija shrine. It’s the deadliness if this shrine which makes this forest a no-go-area. The Okija forest is supposed to be the forest with the most jumble of human remains in Nigeria. In the early 2000s, Okija forest and its shrine came to fame after police and human remains raided it was found littered all over the place.

The Okija forest is no longer as popular as it had been in the past but it still is one hell of a fearful location in Nigeria.

soka forest - 10 Most Dreadful Forests In Nigeria That Can Scare The Hell Out Of You

NO 2 Soka Forest, (Oyo State)

This forest is a terror Forest situated in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. The forest is regarded as a den of thieves, kidnappers, and ritualists. The forest is dense and full of vegetation, perhaps that was why criminals chose to turn this piece made by nature to a house for all kinds of evil practices. A Yoruba movie was produced in respect to this dreadful forest, and this movie passed the message of what happens in SOKA.


In 2014, it was discovered that this forest had been the major hideout for ritualist and there have been lots of bad events in this forest.

Until this very moment, SOKA remains a fearful evil forest. Become among the most popular forest in Nigeria.

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NO 1. Sambisa Forest, (Borno State)

The Sambisa forest is so large that when compared to size it bigger than some states in Nigeria. The Sambisa came into fame in 2009-2010, after jihadist fighting under the umbrella of Boko Haram started with the forest as a significant hideout for their surgeries.

The thick vegetation from the Sambisa forest makes it a difficult Terrain to navigate and hence a great refuge for armed bandits. The Sambisa forest is the most bizarre and most fearful forest in Nigeria.

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