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10 Critical Reasons Why Good Employees Quit Their Jobs And Go To Your Competitors

Why Good Employees Quit Their Jobs

10 Critical Reasons Why Good Employees Quit Their Jobs And Go To Your Competitors

Successful businesses or organizations thrive on the foundation of a healthy work force.

Without a strong, dedicated and innovative team, it will be difficult for any business to survive and stand the test of time. Hence employers spent a lot of resources to hire, train and retain good employees.

But high turnover of employees remains a problem in many companies and small business. So what makes good employees quit their jobs? How can organizations retain good hands after they have become part and parcel of the team?

There are many reasons employees throw in the towel and walk away from their jobs. Here, we look at nine critical factors while good and hardworking throw quit their jobs.


Many employers, human resource managers or business executives are short on integrity and believe in the exploitation of their employees.
Rather than applaud the commitment and dedication of the people who work for them, greed and lack of integrity overshadow their reasoning.
Their mantra is “what can you do for me?” and not how can we both create a win-win relationship. Employers abuse the trust their employees invest in them and fail to keep their words.

There are cases where companies shamelessly refuse to pay salaries that were negotiated and mutually agreed upon before hiring or just fulfill some terms/conditions of the contract.
I recall the case of a female broadcaster who was recruited to work in a private media organization. Part of the agreement was that an official car would be provided for her to ease daily commuting to the office.

Unfortunately, after a full year of working with the company, the management did not keep their promise. Not because they could not afford the car, rather they felt the employee had helped them to solve the immediate problem that necessitated her employment. Eventually, the lady resigned from her job because she could not cope with the stressful daily travel in public transportation that saw her spending countless hours in traffic.

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Overwork is one of the reasons why good employees quit their job. There is a tendency amongst many business owners or managers to use and over work employees. Some do not observe work free days including national or religious holidays. They believe that employees must slave for every penny they earn. Thus they overwhelm them with tasks even when they know that the assignments should be handled by more than one person and justify their actions by saying everyone should multitask.

Stressed out by the situation, many good employees only resign their appointment.


Many talented and hard working employees quit their jobs when they realize there is no room for growth or career advancement in the company.

While some institutions or businesses have clear cut paths for career advancement, some operate more like a cul-de-sac. With staff members stuck in one post for years on end. Many grumble quietly at the lack of promotion or advancement in their jobs and wistful long for better opportunities. They see their contemporaries or friends in other organizations that are moving up the corporate ladder and wonder why they are stuck in a rut. Hence when the opportunities come, they go for it without second thoughts.


One factor that may influence the decision of good employees to quit their job is the fact that they do not like the job. While some readers may consider this unlikely, it is still a fact. A lot of talented people take up jobs out of desperation for regular income.

A graduate of Music or Theater Arts may find himself working in a bank. He or she is unhappy sitting at a desk, possibly crunching numbers all day long.

Every day the employee dreams of being in a studio practicing or performing on stage rather than in being ensconced in a banking hall. Even though he or she does a good job on a daily basis, the heart is not truly in it. Thus with or without another employment opportunity, such an individual may only throw in the towel. Indeed there are ample examples of people who quit their jobs to follow their passion.

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Poor management is a surefire business killer that sends personal running away in droves. While some companies can attract and keep talented employees, others bring them in but find it impossible to keep them. With a high turnover rate, they shift the blame on the staff and consistently try to rationalize why the last person that jumped boat left. They blame everyone and everything but themselves.

But the truth is such terrible management accounts for a lot of troubles. Some managers or business owners mistreat their employees. They treat them woefully and talk to them disrespectfully. Some bosses simply have no regard for human values. “Well done and thank you” are strange words in their vocabulary.

They disrespect their staff and often attack their self-esteem. They do not show appreciation for the contributions of their employees and are very reluctant to acknowledge the inputs of others. They take the credit for everything that goes right and shifts the blame anything that goes wrong.

Bad managers do not care about their employees and are insensitive of the personal challenges the staff may be facing. If a staff calls in sick, they grumble and threaten to deduct the hours from their pay. They pitch employees against one another, and some terrible whiles entertain gossip and back biting.
Good employees quickly lose their motivation is such unhealthy environments and quit as soon as the opportunity presents itself.


Salary remains a strong incentive in many work situations. Sometimes, quit their jobs for better pay, simple. At other times, irregular pay contributes to the feelings of uncertainty that make employees leave. Considering an employee in such situation will give them more value and make them remain committed to your company.

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Health is an issue that is hard to compromise. Some good employees who have health changes quickly give up the job. I know a sales executive, who resigned his appointment because his health, the frequent travels around the country, and long road trips were telling on his health.

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Some good employees quit their jobs because they do not want to be transferred from their current base. Sometimes employees are entrenched in a location, with family and friends, and they do not want to move. Some married people out rightly resign their appointment when they are transferred to a different branch which may take them away from their families.


Failure to actively engage the talents of staff may lead to boredom and loss of interest in the job. Good, talented and creative employees are always looking for the opportunity to express themselves and try new things. Where such creative exuberance and desires are muzzled or discouraged, chances are the staff will lose interest and begin to look out for other opportunities.

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According to research, having good friends work together is one factor that increases good rapport among employees. Asides the relationship between staffs, there should be no in-house relationship between employer and staff. It happens most time but should be limited and not done publicly in office if the relationship has no future ambition. If such relationship does not have a definite future goal then it a turn off for other employee and this will distract and might lead to loss of employees.

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What can I do to find out why my staffs are resigning?

The best way to know is to utilise a proactive approach. Watch out for signs of unhappiness or strange response from your workers. You can as well use a person close to you and the rest of your employees to spy and note what your employees are saying.

In the process of resignation, schedule a one-on-one meeting. Use this opportunity to know the loopholes and the primary reasons behind their decision.

Most of them might be afraid of telling the truth because they don’t feel comfortable but you can use this opportunity to get vital information that can help you bring your company back to its feet or keep you faster than your competitors.

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